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Too Much Swing

As the pendulum swings, it will pass through the sweet spot of success. However, if the swing has too much momentum, it will pass right through it to an extreme. This is dangerous because the team will feel some of the benefit of the sweet spot and will attribute it to the recent changes. The brief benefits

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Why Teams Swing The Pendulum…

When a team discovers that what got them to where they are isn’t going to take them where they want to go, they can tend to get nostalgic. The status quo was great when it created the fun feelings of success. However, when things are no longer great and changes are needed, it’s those changes that swing

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The Pendulum Swing

Teams can lose the feeling of the sweet spot suddenly or over time. Some call the feeling “balance” and I think that is the best description of it. When teams are searching for it, they tend to swing the proverbial pendulum in search of the magic of the past. This can put teams at a severe disadvantage

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