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Start a Movement Part 4

Anyone can cause a shift in team culture by focusing on being a better teammate themselves. This is not dependent upon the leader but the movement can affect the leader to be a better teammate as others lead up. Becoming an A-player will raise the bar and challenge the rest of the team to do the same.

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Start a Movement Part 3

When we become a better teammate, we will eventually attract who we are. When we improve, we will likely attract like-minded people to join the team. That can help create a team culture and ethos that improves as the overall team improves. We will still attract who we are if we don’t improve, but that won’t help

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Start a Movement Part 2

We have complete control over ourselves. We have a limited influence over our teammates. When we realize this, we can focus on self-reflection rather than the blame of others. The self-reflection of a teammate gives a better return on investment of time, energy, and brain space than blaming and finding fault of others.

Start a Movement Part 1

The best way to improve a team is to be a better teammate. Focusing on being a great teammate is the most effective way to improve a team for a few reasons: 1) We can only completely control ourselves. 2) We attract who we are. 3) We don’t have to be a leader to change the culture

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