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The tone of communication is actually a large part of the actual communication. When I am telling someone something, I should take care to project a tone that matches the severity of a situation. Staying calm is usually a good default if I want my information to be received well. If I feel entitled to communicate without

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The Domino Effect of Affirmation

When I receive affirmation I learn a lot about the team. I feel as though I am known and valued because someone cared enough to notice that I did a good job. I feel appreciated because my work helped that person and they recognized it. That shows that the team needs me and I feel accepted. The

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The Power of Affirmation

Have you ever wondered if anyone noticed what you did all week to make the team successful? Affirmation is something that we all crave. Some crave it in unhealthy ways because they base their self worth on it. These people will never get enough affirmation in their lives and will always exist in a state of deprivation.

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