Everyday Drills

Whether in a sport, at a job, or in a family, everyone everywhere is part of a team. The Everyday Drills blog is designed to create a moment each morning where we are intentional about becoming better teammates and team leaders. Subscribe for thoughtful ways for you and your team to be challenged each and every day.

Defining Family

Identifying who our family is simply requires an appreciation for those who choose to be around us and those we choose to be around. That was what my dad taught me growing up. I know some families have an insular culture that makes it hard to be included. My family was never that way. Our family was clearly defined by choices people made to belong and not by the blood we shared. This became the team at home that we could count on when we wanted to celebrate or when we needed support of some kind. We fiercely take care of our own but “our own” is defined differently than most. It’s the only way I know how to define family and my kids get the benefit of watching friends become just as much a part of our family as anyone “born into it”.

The Home Team

We are all on teams. We grew up on sports teams. Our teachers placed us in collaborative groups at school. There are people we work with who we consider teammates. These are all important parts of our lives and they help us navigate the circumstances of our lives without being alone. It’s easy to take the most familiar team for granted: our team at home. For many, family is the team that is depended on when all others failed to be dependable.

The Filter

Best is never easy. It is the reward for those that have been tested with chances to quit for good reason. The path to best weeds out those that shouldn’t be called best. I know this from experience. I have seen the reward of enduring through a trial to see real success and I have quit early and justified it as reasonable since the circumstances were difficult. The difference between being the best and hoping for the best is an unwavering endurance.