The Excuse of Pain

Dan Pierce/ February 9, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

Do I have a deep wound inside that I avert my eyes from? Pain is aversive, so it can be tempting to tell myself that no improvement is necessary because this version of myself is who I am and people need to accept it. Improvement requires dealing with pain. It means addressing the wounds so that they

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Dan Pierce/ February 8, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

Opening ourselves up to an incomplete perspective exposes us and can be scary and uncomfortable. It is bearable when done with the right person. There are people we are friendly with and there are friends that might as well be family. Unfortunately, the lines have been blurred and definitions of friendship diluted by Facebook’s friend request system.

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Am I who my enemies say I am?

Dan Pierce/ February 7, 2018/ Feedback, Handling Disagreements/ 0 comments

Yes. People don’t disagree well and therefore, people watch those they disagree with closely. Eventually, we make them an enemy in our mind because they stand for something we are against. I have come to realize that valuable information can be gained from what those that resent me think of me. Someone that watches me closely for

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Do real people have enemies?

Dan Pierce/ February 6, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

It’s easier to ask someone who likes me to give me insight into how I can be better as a person. Is it wise to consider what an enemy would say? Do people have enemies? Yes, unfortunately. In today’s culture that demands tolerance, we see an increase in the polarization of society.

Self examination requires others.

Dan Pierce/ February 5, 2018/ Community, Feedback/ 0 comments

Once we accept that no one, including ourselves, have a complete perspective on who we are, we can accept the fact that the truth about us is found in the overlap of perspectives made possible by a life-giving relationship. We are only able to reach our potential by gaining the insight that others have. Our true self

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The Paradox of Self-Perspective

Dan Pierce/ February 4, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

No one outside of ourselves has the complete context that makes us who we are today, but our own perspective blinds us from seeing what everyone else experiences. So how do we grow? Beneficial growth doesn’t happen by accident. Our biases like to tell us that everything will be good enough. This is especially true about ourselves.

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When More is Exciting

Dan Pierce/ February 3, 2018/ Managing Change/ 0 comments

We often dream big and settle small but every once in a while we see opportunities that allow us to realize and surpass those big dreams. We have a tendency to imagine that difficult and overwhelming tasks today will continue to be just as difficult and overwhelming tomorrow. That mindset is shortsighted and doesn’t account for the

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Defending the Work/Reward Ratio

Dan Pierce/ February 2, 2018/ Bad Teammates, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

I have learned that there are people who spend their day trying to minimize their workload. They do everything they can to get the most benefit for least amount of effort and the prospect of more of anything severely threatens that. If it means any more work, then they are against it. They may even shame the

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Perspective on Increase

Dan Pierce/ February 1, 2018/ Managing Change/ 0 comments

There are two perspectives when the idea of “more” is introduced. One perspective is excited to see the opportunity and possibilities connected to an increase. The other perspective fears the ramifications of an increase that result in increased responsibility and and increased workload. Are you avoiding more or looking for it?

A Good Start

Dan Pierce/ January 31, 2018/ Discipline/ 0 comments

There are few things more satisfying than a good start. Those days where you wake up ready to knock out the to do list and you actually do. It’s what you decide to do after the good start that changes your day. There is the temptation to quit while I am ahead because I earned a little

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