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Looking for the finish line or the excuse?

Dan Pierce/ April 26, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

Tenacity is an important attribute for a great teammate. Tenacious people don’t quit as easy as others. I believe this is because they have enough confidence to accomplish what they set out to do. That may sound like a no-brainer but it isn’t what everyone does. Some people start endeavors with no real intention to finish. They

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The Learner’s Opportunity

Dan Pierce/ April 14, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

The valuable insight we find in rethinking what we once thought grants us wisdom that helps us to make real time adjustments. Those adjustments allow us to not only be reactive to things we didn’t anticipate in our original plan or method, but to also learn. The wisdom gained from the humble attitude of a learner usually

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Switch It Up

Dan Pierce/ February 16, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

When a team progresses, it is important that it adjusts for the increases that come with growth and success. Consistent winning is rare because many routines that got us to a peak of success will not keep us there. Winning is deceptive in that it makes us feel as if we have everything figured out. The best

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Knowing Your Whys

Dan Pierce/ January 21, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

Why is important. Leadership books emphasize the need for everyone to know “why” in order to get them to buy in. Communicating why is vital for a team to execute the plan forward. This is especially true when playing the long game because today’s tiny win needs to be framed up in the context that points to

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Blind Firing

Dan Pierce/ January 18, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

It’s difficult to identify today’s small victory as progress towards a future win when you don’t know what that future should be. Most people don’t know what they are going to have for lunch by 11am, so it’s safe to say that many people don’t have a long-term plan. Nothing is the only thing you hit every

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Dan Pierce/ January 17, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

Playing the long game requires some foresight. Foresight sees today’s win as a step on the path forward. Every day and every action means something when you look ahead instead of fighting for today. Progress most often comes in incremental pieces. Big wins are usually a culmination of someone’s tiny bits of progress over a long period

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Long Game

Dan Pierce/ January 16, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

Today tends to dominate the priority list. Great teams understand that every decision shouldn’t be based on short-term outcomes. Band-Aid solutions and delaying the inevitable always catch up with us no matter how hard we try to outrun them. If you play the long game when everyone else isn’t, you will outlast your opponent. This is an

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Dan Pierce/ December 28, 2017/ Handling Failure, Winning/ 0 comments

Winning is usually the goal but the ongoing goal of every great team is to continue to develop. Win or lose, development is always at the forefront of a great team’s mind. It’s one thing to play the game today, but great teams are great long-term because they see the world through the glasses of the long

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Life and Sport

Dan Pierce/ December 27, 2017/ Discipline, Winning/ 0 comments

Winners in life and sport tend to be more disciplined than those that consistently don’t win. Win or lose, it is a fact so we can either get better at playing the game or pretend that we are not really trying to win when we lose. People can either live in such a way that puts them

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Unwavering Attitudes

Dan Pierce/ December 6, 2017/ Competition, Team Dynamics, Winning/ 0 comments

Teams and teammates that have an unwavering attitude resist the wisdom of the quitter or settler. The path of least resistance doesn’t sound like wisdom to them. The unwavering team can be annoying because they stubbornly hang in there long after others move on. They seemingly waste time in a painful effort that wasn’t supposed to be

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