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Unwavering Attitudes

Dan Pierce/ December 6, 2017/ Competition, Team Dynamics, Winning/ 0 comments

Teams and teammates that have an unwavering attitude resist the wisdom of the quitter or settler. The path of least resistance doesn’t sound like wisdom to them. The unwavering team can be annoying because they stubbornly hang in there long after others move on. They seemingly waste time in a painful effort that wasn’t supposed to be

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The Willing Volunteer

Dan Pierce/ November 30, 2017/ Teambuilding, Winning/ 0 comments

The willing volunteer actually enjoys what is being asked of them. They are teammates that accept a task that isn’t necessarily in their job description because they want to. They are not just happy to help, they are also happy to do what no one else seemed to want to step up to do. It might seem

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When to Let Go

Dan Pierce/ November 13, 2017/ Winning/ 0 comments

Not every team wants to win. Most want to look like they are winning while doing whatever they want to do in the process. The winning formula requires people to give up themselves in that process. This is very difficult to do and that is why winning is rare. When a team sets out to do things

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Winning is not an event.

Dan Pierce/ November 4, 2017/ Winning/ 0 comments

Teams that won once usually tell that tale for years to come. The older we get, the better we were. For them, winning was a special event that seemed to happen when the stars aligned. Those teams are not winning teams. A winning team never sees a win as an event that becomes legend. They see winning as a

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Winning Well

Dan Pierce/ November 2, 2017/ Emotional Security, Winning/ 0 comments

Emotionally security is also necessary to handle winning well. Not everyone wins consistently and I am convinced that the reason why is that not everyone is prepared to handle the win. To quote the Joker, they are like the proverbial dog chasing the car, not knowing what they would do if they were to ever catch it. Sadly too

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