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Show them where they fit.

Great teams don’t always wait for people to apply for open positions. The best people are not usually unemployed. Great teams need to go after great people. They need to recruit them in a way that shows how valuable they would be to the team. They sit down face to face with a prospective recruit and encourage

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Disparaging Diligence

I have noticed that great teams never disparage diligent effort. They know that one of the main attributes that led their teams to greatness is diligence. I have noticed that there are those who disparage diligence as unnecessary, almost as if it’s trendy to be nonchalant and cool about not sweating the details. This can gain a following

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Belief Gives Hope

When a team believes in the team, they gain endurance. Endurance doesn’t only come from physical condition but from a condition of the mind. When we believe in the team, we have a source of hope that can allow our team to outlast any opponent or circumstance. Victory can be defined as outlasting what we are up

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