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What’s next?

The next step can be much more uncertain than we are willing to admit. Sometimes we don’t know what to do next and that can be a very scary feeling. Another way to look at it is that there is freedom to try something new. When we know what we should do next, we often feel an

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Potential Limiting

Nothing limits potential like living in the past. The greatest wins and losses both have a way of anchoring us so that we don’t move. It’s illogical to expect to move things forward when our focus isn’t on tomorrow but rather on yesterday. A loss or hurt becomes worse when you allow it to limit the future.

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Extending a Preferred Future

A case could be made that the only change we actually like is a change that ensures an extension of our comfortable, preferred future. There is nothing immoral or nefarious about this reality. It’s just a human trait that was given to us so that we would be risk-averse enough to have a better chance of survival.

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The Contradiction of Change

Change is an interesting phenomenon. We spend so much time guarding our lives against it but at the same time, we find that our mind space is filled with thoughts about how things could be different. This is because we like change when it is on our terms. Change that originates outside of our own imagination or

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Choosing Change

When adding a teammate, it is important to understand the impact of who you choose. If we stay away from the safe pick, we have to make sure the risks involved with the impact of the new addition are worth the ripple it will cause in the team dynamic. Going after a change agent comes with all

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The Safe Pick

Not all of us get to pick our teammates but when you do, it’s important not to fall into the trap of choosing the safe pick. The safe pick is the easy way out because you get the short-term benefit of the excitement of new without too much disruption to the status quo. The reality is that

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When More is Exciting

We often dream big and settle small but every once in a while we see opportunities that allow us to realize and surpass those big dreams. We have a tendency to imagine that difficult and overwhelming tasks today will continue to be just as difficult and overwhelming tomorrow. That mindset is shortsighted and doesn’t account for the

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Perspective on Increase

There are two perspectives when the idea of “more” is introduced. One perspective is excited to see the opportunity and possibilities connected to an increase. The other perspective fears the ramifications of an increase that result in increased responsibility and and increased workload. Are you avoiding more or looking for it?

Same Piece of Gum

What was successful and good in the past will not always be successful and good in the future. Everything has a half-life…our systems, our relationships, and our favorite things. We must let go of everything at some point so that we can renew and refresh that which has lost its flavor over time. Yes that piece of gum hit

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Firing Your Best Friend

You don’t invite your teddy bear to be the best man in your wedding. That might seem like a no-brainer but those natural steps in life often get lost on what we do everyday. Change is good when it’s appropriate. What was awesome at the age of four is less awesome at the age of twenty-four. In fact, without

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