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Learning From Injuries

Dan Pierce/ June 5, 2018/ Discipline, Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

Injuries are a good teacher because they cost us our routines and previous plans. Injuries catch our attention because they are painful. They are the kind of painful that doesn’t get better overnight. Injuries reframe our world to see and think about what happened and how to avoid it in the future. In this way, an injury

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Dan Pierce/ June 3, 2018/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

Growing pains are good and should be leaned into even though they are achey and inconvenient. Injuries are a different kind of pain that communicate something other than growth. Injuries tend to be sharper and more intense. This means something is wrong and we must stop to rest and recover. Injuries happen when we exceed our capacities

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Hurt or Injured

Dan Pierce/ June 1, 2018/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

Every endeavor worth doing will cause us some measure of discomfort. We have a decision to make everytime we are faced with discomfort. Do I quit or do I push through the pain? This is where we decide if we are hurt or injured. If I am hurt, I should suck it up and keep going. If

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Proactive and Secure

Dan Pierce/ April 21, 2018/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

A mature leader is patient in the face of adversity that is likely to pass over time. Things rarely go as planned and adversity requires a mature attitude to navigate through it. Maturity leans into adverse situations because strength and growth are often the outcome. Naïve attitudes fear the bad look of adversity and do everything they

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Maturity: Managing Resources

Dan Pierce/ April 20, 2018/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

When a leader is mature enough to discern what is a big deal and what isn’t, they can allocate resources better than those who tend to be more reactive to circumstances. Maturity sees the world beyond the immediate circumstances. They know when time and money is needed to help get something off the ground. They also can

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Attitude Over Method

Dan Pierce/ April 18, 2018/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

There are a lot of different leadership styles. There are a multitude of effective methods. How does a person find the most effective leadership path with all the valid and diverse approaches available? It’s found in attitude more than method. Mature leadership attitudes will beat the naïve and ambitious more often over time. Maturity allows people to

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The Disciplined Baseline

Dan Pierce/ February 24, 2018/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

Leadership is difficult and takes a serious and disciplined mind to be consistently successful. The emotions of any worthwhile endeavor require a person with the discipline to identify what is a big deal and what isn’t a big deal. Just because a siren is blaring, doesn’t mean there is a fire. It takes discipline to spot a

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Escalate what matters.

Dan Pierce/ November 6, 2017/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

Great teams know how to categorize what is important and what is a distraction. Ordinary teams usually lack the discernment to know what is a big deal and what isn’t one. Picking battles is as easy as asking if something places a team on mission or not. If a concern or problem is presented that does not

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