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Leading the Unwilling

Leaders have a choice when faced with unwilling attitudes. They can choose to be led by the team towards a more popular course of action. They can accept the momentum of the status quo and allow the team to choose the comfort of mediocrity. Or…the leader can choose to lead the unwilling through inspiration. They can choose

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The Intimacy/Inspiration Correlation

What inspires people? The answer to that is probably broad. Teams must know each other well in order to know what inspires them. Teams cannot simply function as a group of individuals that benefit from the collective effort and complementary skillsets. Teams must develop a rapport and level of intimacy to truly function as a unit that

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The Cause

Teams require inspiration. The source of inspiration should be a worthwhile cause. The cause needs to be worthwhile because the team needs to believe in it to the point of enthusiasm. The grind of hard work for a cause over time can diminish the collective enthusiasm of a team.  When enthusiasm wanes, it is the job of

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The Cure for Uncertainty

When great leadership is present, people have someone to look to when they are uncertain. Uncertainty can be the greatest cause of anxiety and hesitation. One of the most important jobs of any leader is to help the team value the practice of embracing uncertainty. People get scared. They need someone to acknowledge the scariness of the

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In the absence of…

It takes leadership to inspire people to see past what they are comfortable with. It takes leadership to help people see something they are not looking for so that they can do what they never thought possible. Sometimes it takes the absence of a leader to demonstrate just how necessary they are. When everyone seems to be

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The Greatest Predictor

Leadership is the great predictor of success for a team. I have seen the same team with the same players perform in a complete opposite way under two different coaches. Why? It’s simple. Some people lead well, and some do not. People notice a great leader the second they enter a room. Though they may seem intimidating

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Vision limits freedom…

…but in a good way. When a leader looks ahead with a vision, they see past all of the possibilities, noise, and distraction that isn’t the way forward. The leader is not free to try everything. The leader’s job is to inspire the team to see past all that isn’t the way forward.

Lazy Inspiration

One bad experience with a customer doesn’t define the experience of everyone else. The lazy leader may see one bad experience or report as confirmation of what he already believes and use the singular story to change everything he doesn’t like. Positive change doesn’t require a catastrophe to justify it. It does take the hard work to

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You often get to pick your team and when you do, it’s worth finding out what inspires a person. Our thoughts, preferences, and complaints betray our inspiration. When I complain, I am talking about what I care deeply about in that moment. Complaints can seem pretty banal when we pay attention to what we actually say. That

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Would you rather?

What do feel would make all the difference in the world? What do you think about? That is what inspires you. For some, it’s about a cause that would change the world. For others, inspiration is found in getting to the weekend without a hassle. Which do you want on your team?