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Dangerous Nostalgia

Regret is also a habit of the nostalgic. Remembering watershed moments is important but allowing ourselves to become overly affectionate about the “good ole days” can cause us to miss the good of today or the potential of the future. It can also set us up for regret when things do not turn out like they used

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The Trick to Inspiration

Our experience as a leader can be respected but the trick to inspiration is not to come up with every idea. Telling isn’t very inspiring. Instead, a nuanced guiding of people toward their own ideas and cheering them on until they feel trusted is what separates the dictator from the inspirational leader. Constant correction and direction can

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Prioritizing Reliablity over Entertainment

Our appetites for entertaining information are so easily fed by social media and other convenient phone applications that anything that requires effort without entertainment can just seem unreasonable and even evil. The truth is that work is not always as pleasant as our internet profile. That is why we are compensated for it. Even people that enjoy

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Circles and Cycles

Every team goes through cycles of planning, implementation, evaluation, recovery, and then more of the same. When life begins to become predictable, it becomes safe. When safety is optimized, comfort begins to become a priority. It’s the leader’s job to inspire the team to move past familiar cycles so that its purpose doesn’t lapse into the preservation

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The Slow Start

I have found that the energy at the start of something is important. Good starts are important because falling behind can be so discouraging. It’s not that catching up is impossible but that it takes so much extra effort, intention, and discipline to stay motivated through the uphill battle that follows the slow start.

Rewarding Value

Teams that have valuable members should make sure they do everything they can to retain them. People leave teams for any number of reasons but smart teams never give great teammates a reason to leave the team by under-compensating them or limiting their ability to gain a promotion. It’s not about walking on eggshells. It’s about never

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Hope can be found in a leader’s expectation. It’s the leader’s job to cast a vision that inspires hope of a better future, past the present pain. We hope when we expect things to improve. Leaders must monitor the team’s ability to see the possiblity of a better tomorrow. They must be able to keep that vision

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Sources of Hope

Hope isn’t something that a team or individual can feel entitled to. Hope has to come from somewhere. Common sources of hope include the following: Experience Example Examination Expectation Without these four “ex’s”, hope can diminish and lead to a lack of willingness to endure. I believe that most people are looking for a reason to endure

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Endurance requires hope. The number one reason people quit is not because they lack mental toughness. It’s because they lack hope. Hope can cause us to hold on to an idea, vision, or cause just long enough to see it through. When I have hope, I can take on a little extra. When I have hope, I

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Leading the Unwilling

Leaders have a choice when faced with unwilling attitudes. They can choose to be led by the team towards a more popular course of action. They can accept the momentum of the status quo and allow the team to choose the comfort of mediocrity. Or…the leader can choose to lead the unwilling through inspiration. They can choose

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