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Dan Pierce/ December 28, 2017/ Handling Failure, Winning/ 0 comments

Winning is usually the goal but the ongoing goal of every great team is to continue to develop. Win or lose, development is always at the forefront of a great team’s mind. It’s one thing to play the game today, but great teams are great long-term because they see the world through the glasses of the long

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Dan Pierce/ December 8, 2017/ Handling Failure/ 0 comments

Our performances are always a culmination of our choices. I have been hurt in the past and carry just as much baggage as anyone else, but it encourages me that my choices today can help me overcome whatever patterns exist in my life because of the pain caused by the choices of others. It is not easy.

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Handling a Loss

Dan Pierce/ October 31, 2017/ Handling Disappointment, Handling Failure/ 0 comments

I learned early on that nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Losses do not feel good. Failure shines a disappointing light on our ability to do what we set out to do. When I am emotionally secure, I can look at a failure and truly evaluate what went wrong. When I am insecure, I have

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