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The Disappointment Test

Dan Pierce/ November 19, 2017/ Competition, Handling Disappointment/ 0 comments

Every team loses at some point. Every team gives up a touchdown or a home run at just the wrong moment. It’s the moment immediately following disappointment that determines the quality of a team. Do they respond with backing down and accepting the fact that things didn’t go as planned? Do they turn on each other and begin

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Handling a Loss

Dan Pierce/ October 31, 2017/ Handling Disappointment, Handling Failure/ 0 comments

I learned early on that nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Losses do not feel good. Failure shines a disappointing light on our ability to do what we set out to do. When I am emotionally secure, I can look at a failure and truly evaluate what went wrong. When I am insecure, I have

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Emotional Security

Dan Pierce/ October 30, 2017/ Emotional Security, Handling Disappointment/ 0 comments

Emotional security may be one of the critical factors determining the success of a team. Seeing the circumstances and ramifications of choices in an emotionally secure way can allow a team to properly self-assess and adjust for future endeavors. Teams with less emotional security are too distracted by their emotional responses to disappointment and success to properly evaluate

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