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Am I who my enemies say I am?

Dan Pierce/ February 7, 2018/ Feedback, Handling Disagreements/ 0 comments

Yes. People don’t disagree well and therefore, people watch those they disagree with closely. Eventually, we make them an enemy in our mind because they stand for something we are against. I have come to realize that valuable information can be gained from what those that resent me think of me. Someone that watches me closely for

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Everything is not democratic.

Dan Pierce/ January 26, 2018/ Handling Disagreements/ 0 comments

If leadership waits for a vote and consensus to make a bold move, then that move will likely never happen. The difference between leadership and everyone else is the ability, and therefore the responsibility, to move things away from the status quo. Those without that vision will protect the status quo. That’s okay because their vote represents

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All in?

Dan Pierce/ November 20, 2017/ Handling Disagreements/ 0 comments

Team unity is vital to a team’s success. That unity is difficult to maintain because of a little word called “agreement”. The best teams don’t have to agree to be all-in on a direction. This isn’t a blind followship. It’s a humility that acknowledges that my opinions are not always an accurate depiction of reality. When I

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Dead Weight

Dan Pierce/ November 8, 2017/ Bad Teammates, Handling Disagreements/ 0 comments

Individuals that express concerns have a responsibility to move forward regardless of consensus. Great teams do not agree all of the time. They do support each other despite their disagreements. Bad teammates only feel heard when they express their dissent and change the minds of the rest of the team. That’s right, I said bad teammates. A

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