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No News Isn’t Always Good

Dan Pierce/ January 28, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

No news isn’t always good news because perhaps I just don’t have a system to intentionally receive news. When we want nothing to be wrong, we believe that the lack of obvious dysfunction confirms that desired belief. A leader that truly desires to improve the team needs to actively look for areas of improvement that are found

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Dan Pierce/ December 10, 2017/ Feedback/ 0 comments

When we let someone off the hook, we allow the team to abide mistakes when they shouldn’t in order to preserve a pleasant and positive atmosphere. This only lasts so long because when mistakes become the norm, the team will eventually become embarrassed and nothing overcomes sentimental protection of feelings like embarrassment. The concern for feelings usually

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Off the Hook

Dan Pierce/ December 9, 2017/ Feedback/ 0 comments

Why are we so quick to let people off the hook? When a mistake is made, it is completely logical to address the mistake and learn from it. Why then do we say that “it’s ok” when it’s truly not ok? Sentimental feelings can cloud my thinking when I don’t want to make someone feel bad by

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