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The Deal Breaker

Dan Pierce/ June 11, 2018/ Feedback, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Every teammate has areas to grow and improve. People make mistakes. People experience learning curves. Since all of these facts are true of everyone, they shouldn’t be considered deal breakers. The deal breaker is when someone tries to deny these facts as true for them. When someone is foolish enough to believe that they have nothing to

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Before Wisdom

Dan Pierce/ June 9, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

Wisdom only ever happens to the humble. This is because only the humble can receive feedback from the most important sources. When my pride gets the best of me, that’s usually when I refuse to listen to feedback from what I consider to be the least credible source. Feedback from the naysayer may be easily dismissible, however,

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Rewarding Value

Dan Pierce/ May 24, 2018/ Feedback, Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

Teams that have valuable members should make sure they do everything they can to retain them. People leave teams for any number of reasons but smart teams never give great teammates a reason to leave the team by under-compensating them or limiting their ability to gain a promotion. It’s not about walking on eggshells. It’s about never

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I already know…

Dan Pierce/ April 13, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

Everyone gets frustrated with people who never seem to learn. When I think I know better, I have little incentive to become a learner. Success in the past does not always generalize to success today. It takes humility to believe that the methods that got me my past success will not ensure future success. There is always

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What If

Dan Pierce/ March 21, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

There are some things that are universally true. These are best practices and easily proven methods that everyone knows are the correct way to go. What if they are wrong? What if what I believe about limits and work ethic can be challenged? What if all my success came despite the sentiments I hold so dear? What

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Mind Trick Myself

Dan Pierce/ February 10, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

Do I want help if I need help? If not, then it makes sense to remain blissfully unaware of the need by never really looking to see if help is needed. Those that want to improve daily lean into the the built-in self-defense systems that like to say “nothing to see here!”. Don’t Jedi mind trick yourself

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The Excuse of Pain

Dan Pierce/ February 9, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

Do I have a deep wound inside that I avert my eyes from? Pain is aversive, so it can be tempting to tell myself that no improvement is necessary because this version of myself is who I am and people need to accept it. Improvement requires dealing with pain. It means addressing the wounds so that they

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Dan Pierce/ February 8, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

Opening ourselves up to an incomplete perspective exposes us and can be scary and uncomfortable. It is bearable when done with the right person. There are people we are friendly with and there are friends that might as well be family. Unfortunately, the lines have been blurred and definitions of friendship diluted by Facebook’s friend request system.

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Am I who my enemies say I am?

Dan Pierce/ February 7, 2018/ Feedback, Handling Disagreements/ 0 comments

Yes. People don’t disagree well and therefore, people watch those they disagree with closely. Eventually, we make them an enemy in our mind because they stand for something we are against. I have come to realize that valuable information can be gained from what those that resent me think of me. Someone that watches me closely for

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Do real people have enemies?

Dan Pierce/ February 6, 2018/ Feedback/ 0 comments

It’s easier to ask someone who likes me to give me insight into how I can be better as a person. Is it wise to consider what an enemy would say? Do people have enemies? Yes, unfortunately. In today’s culture that demands tolerance, we see an increase in the polarization of society.