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Thoughts on Thoughts

Dan Pierce/ November 3, 2017/ Emotional Security/ 0 comments

How does your thinking affect you? Insecure people become more anxious and impatient. Secure people become more confident and patient. What thoughts dominate your day? Perhaps your mood could improve if you took control of your thinking. When we let our thoughts run unchecked, we become a slave to them. Taking time each day to assess the narrative

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Winning Well

Dan Pierce/ November 2, 2017/ Emotional Security, Winning/ 0 comments

Emotionally security is also necessary to handle winning well. Not everyone wins consistently and I am convinced that the reason why is that not everyone is prepared to handle the win. To quote the Joker, they are like the proverbial dog chasing the car, not knowing what they would do if they were to ever catch it. Sadly too

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The Applause Test

Dan Pierce/ November 1, 2017/ Competition, Emotional Security/ 0 comments

I have been around competition my entire life. I believe that it is easy to spot a wanna-be and a real competitor. Real competitors appreciate great performances. They don’t care whose it is. They don’t care if it is their own or someone else’s. They don’t care that they are a male getting outshone by a female. They don’t care how old or

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Emotional Security

Dan Pierce/ October 30, 2017/ Emotional Security, Handling Disappointment/ 0 comments

Emotional security may be one of the critical factors determining the success of a team. Seeing the circumstances and ramifications of choices in an emotionally secure way can allow a team to properly self-assess and adjust for future endeavors. Teams with less emotional security are too distracted by their emotional responses to disappointment and success to properly evaluate

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