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Good Start

Dan Pierce/ December 21, 2017/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Have you ever noticed that a good start feels much better than playing catch up all day? It feels good to get up on time, early even, and start the day by knocking out your morning routine so that by lunchtime, you have done more than you anticipated. There are days that have things happen outside of

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Confident Prep

Dan Pierce/ December 19, 2017/ Discipline/ 0 comments

People that prepare well with a great amount of discipline have a confidence that they can depend on. This might seem like arrogance to those that are not privy to the hard work and effort that went on behind the scenes prior to game day. It’s arrogant to assume my opponent’s confidence doesn’t come from outworking me.

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Lazy Arrogance

Dan Pierce/ December 18, 2017/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Lazy preparation usually stems from a sense of overconfidence about my ability to handle a situation. How much arrogance does it take to run a marathon without training and expect to do well? How much arrogance does it take to think that not studying for a final exam in a course that I found difficult is going

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Simple isn’t easy.

Dan Pierce/ December 3, 2017/ Discipline/ 0 comments

It takes discipline to keep things simple. Life happens and tends to squeeze in all manner of compromises and exceptions to all the little rules we make to simplify our lives. Life isn’t always black and white but some choices are. It takes discipline to identify those areas so that we can keep our lives as simple

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Wanting or Choosing

Dan Pierce/ October 29, 2017/ Discipline/ 0 comments

There are two types of people in the world. Those that “want” and those that “choose”. Many people want success but never make the choices that are necessary to make that success a reality. Wanting something bad enough to envy those that already have what I want but not enough to actually make the same choice is a

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