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The Anathema

Dan Pierce/ April 12, 2018/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Eventually, lack of effort will ruin the reputation of those that fail to gain wisdom from rethinking. Other teammates notice when our wisdom is spent on the conservation of energy and not in incremental improvement. Intentional rethinking makes little sense to those that do everything they can to cut a corner. It seems like extra effort and

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The Struggle

Dan Pierce/ April 10, 2018/ Accoutability and Feedback, Discipline/ 0 comments

Those in need of the most creative control struggle with vision. They don’t want to commit to a way forward, especially if the way forward isn’t what they are familiar with. They struggle with a vision because it requires a commitment and demands accountability. This can be scary for those that have never been held to a

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Lazy & Cowardly

Dan Pierce/ April 7, 2018/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Waiting until the last minute to put thought towards something is either cowardly or lazy. It’s lazy because it lacks the intentional thought processes that are required to make true leadership decisions. Laziness has a way of making everything seem urgent. Last minute thinking is cowardly because when it is practiced often enough, we can claim we

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Last Minute Limit

Dan Pierce/ April 6, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate, Discipline/ 0 comments

There is a sentiment that waiting until the last minute to plan or think about something creates more freedom to act. The opposite is actually true. Last minute thinkers are slaves to circumstance. There is never enough time to make adjustments to a poorly thought through plan that is full of assumptions and light on anticipation.

Strong Vision

Dan Pierce/ April 5, 2018/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Leading through strong vision is the opposite of winging it. It requires thought and effort. Casting vision and implementing vision require creating a vision. Winging it is the opposite of true leadership. When I wing it, I fake the leadership required of me. Winging it lacks vision because it comes from the sentiment that creative freedom is

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Don’t Wing It

Dan Pierce/ March 28, 2018/ Discipline, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Time with people is great if it is thoughtful. People often overlook the importance of mindful attention toward their actions. It’s the combination of the mind and heart of a leader that determines the effectiveness of their actions. This is especially true of time spent alongside the people we lead regardless of the task. When we wing

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What aren’t you willing to do?

Dan Pierce/ March 5, 2018/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Every team has a choice to make about the culture of work ethic they want to cultivate. This is important because everyone sets out to succeed. Unfortunately, not everyone shows up to work willing to put in the effort that success requires. Is it too much to ask for a team to give everything they have towards

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Dan Pierce/ March 2, 2018/ Discipline/ 0 comments

When things get hard, do I lean into it or do I justify doing less as I wait for the direction to eventually change? Our culture has a word that describes that justification: the excuse. This is worse than quitting because it’s slow. It keeps things moving but will never truly reach the potential of the initial

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Almost Quitting

Dan Pierce/ March 1, 2018/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Low effort is another indicator of mental weakness that can be worse than quitting. Mentally tough people not only refuse to quit, but they refuse to phone it in. I am not talking about having a bad day where the best you can do in the moment would look like low effort on your best day. I

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