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Pressure for Perfection?

Dan Pierce/ December 20, 2017/ Competition, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

What happened to the days when teams were not expected to have a perfect season? Perfect seasons are rare and yet perfection seems to be in the expectations more than in the past. Great teams have bad days. Everyone has moments that do not reflect their overall state of being. With the exception of one team, every

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Unwavering Attitudes

Dan Pierce/ December 6, 2017/ Competition, Team Dynamics, Winning/ 0 comments

Teams and teammates that have an unwavering attitude resist the wisdom of the quitter or settler. The path of least resistance doesn’t sound like wisdom to them. The unwavering team can be annoying because they stubbornly hang in there long after others move on. They seemingly waste time in a painful effort that wasn’t supposed to be

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Strategy or Habit

Dan Pierce/ December 5, 2017/ Competition/ 0 comments

Football teams usually punt on fourth down. This isn’t quitting. It’s a strategic move that places the ball in the other team’s hands in hope of getting it back with better field position. Not all quitting is as strategic as this. There is a difference between quitting when things get harder than you anticipated and quitting to

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The Disappointment Test

Dan Pierce/ November 19, 2017/ Competition, Handling Disappointment/ 0 comments

Every team loses at some point. Every team gives up a touchdown or a home run at just the wrong moment. It’s the moment immediately following disappointment that determines the quality of a team. Do they respond with backing down and accepting the fact that things didn’t go as planned? Do they turn on each other and begin

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The Applause Test

Dan Pierce/ November 1, 2017/ Competition, Emotional Security/ 0 comments

I have been around competition my entire life. I believe that it is easy to spot a wanna-be and a real competitor. Real competitors appreciate great performances. They don’t care whose it is. They don’t care if it is their own or someone else’s. They don’t care that they are a male getting outshone by a female. They don’t care how old or

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