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My Pap’s Family

By being so consistent, he was not only a great teammate at his job but he was a consistent provider for his family. His example allowed us to build a strong and large family that is family to so many others who don’t share our bloodline. When I was preparing to share at my grandfather’s funeral, I

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Generous Gratitude

Thanksgiving is too often thought of as an event that happens in the middle of autumn. It brings to mind memories and obligatory gatherings around specific food items. In this we are reminded that we are to “give thanks” for the things in our life. What if we said it differently? What if we use a thesaurus

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Self examination requires others.

Once we accept that no one, including ourselves, have a complete perspective on who we are, we can accept the fact that the truth about us is found in the overlap of perspectives made possible by a life-giving relationship. We are only able to reach our potential by gaining the insight that others have. Our true self

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Meeting Just to Meet

I am convinced that teams that pride themselves on not having meetings just to have them do not experience life-giving community within themselves. Their team comes together to merely accomplish a task and not to be a community in and of themselves. Compartmentalizing community away from our purposeful teams leaves people uninspired and unchanged.