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Two Ways

Dan Pierce/ May 12, 2018/ Communication/ 0 comments

Collaboration requires the ability to communicate. Communication is more than speaking to one another. It’s the ability to see what needs to be said and when to say it. Communication also requires a listening ear that knows what to listen for. Teams that know what data to exchange and when to exchange it have a clear advantage

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What made it good?

Dan Pierce/ April 30, 2018/ Communication/ 0 comments

I look forward to hearing about my family’s day. When I ask how someone’s day was, I’m usually looking for more than a one word answer. That means that if I get a simple, “Good.” as a response, I usually follow up with a second question. “What made it good?” I’d be disappointed if the answer to

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Telling the Story

Dan Pierce/ March 27, 2018/ Communication, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

I find it sad that trust is not freely given for the simple reason that we are lazy communicators. If a person is able to share more about victories and challenges, then they get to be known and know others that do the same. This “knowing” results in a rapport that is built around knowing what a

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