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Gratitude and Attitude

Dan Pierce/ March 19, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Great teams understand that hard work and effort can be a grind. It can get boring and exhausting. It can take away our free time and our family time. There are a lot of things that I have to do in my day as an adult but I have learned that most of those “have to” tasks

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Passion is Polarizing

Dan Pierce/ February 15, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Passion can be polarizing. Passion fuels emotion and emotions can turn conversations into games, battles, or wars to be won. If I am passionate about my stance, I am not looking to change my mind. If I notice that I don’t share a passion with another person, it might be best to avoid the topic. Energy and

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Risky Initiative

Dan Pierce/ January 23, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Initiative is an important attribute for a great teammate because it demonstrates a recognition of proactive thinking and self motivation. Ordinary teammates require a prompt of some kind to do their job. This prompt can come from a leader, circumstances, or both. Great teammates see potential problems and solve them before they become an issue. Taking initiative

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And Sometimes “Why”

Dan Pierce/ January 22, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Why is vital but it is not an excuse to withhold buy-in. Too often people hide behind the fact that they didn’t know the why as to why they didn’t execute. Why helps but it should never be the deciding factor in the execution of a plan. A person can do a lot with the information found

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Never Better Alone

Dan Pierce/ January 13, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Great teammates never utter the excuse, “I knew that I could do it better myself.” That is the mantra of the lone wolf. Great teams know that they are always better over the long term when they include each other. This belief separates the great teams that rely on true teamwork and the ordinary teams that talk

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Paycheck to Paycheck

Dan Pierce/ January 12, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

It’s always shortsighted to work alone. It’s tantamount to living paycheck to paycheck. You might get by today, but with no investment in the future, you are one unexpected tragedy from being shorthanded. Great teammates always work to replace themselves. If nothing bad happens, they can take a day off without being missed. If something bad does

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Watch what you ask for…

Dan Pierce/ January 8, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Many people want the freedom and authority to make their own decisions about what they are responsible for. This is a valid expectation and the best teams grant authority along with responsibility. However, responsibility with authority cuts both directions. Great teammates recognize when the decisions they made were not the best ones. The freedom to decide comes

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Teammate Pop Quiz #5

Dan Pierce/ January 7, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

How well do I disagree? Any teammate can be supportive of others that they agree with. The quality of a teammate is tested by how well we support a teammate we disagree with. Do I have to be correct all of the time? Can others come up with great ideas that oppose what I believe? Is my

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