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The Fool

Dan Pierce/ June 10, 2018/ Bad Teammates/ 0 comments

The word fool can seem like a harsh word but it is historically used to describe that stubborn person who refuses to see the reality of their destructive tendencies. The fool is their own worst enemy because they often get things the wrong way around. They mistake wisdom for luck and their foolishness as their virtue. A

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Wanting Less Than Best

Dan Pierce/ March 12, 2018/ Bad Teammates/ 0 comments

Wanting something is as basic a human experience as you can get. When we were babies, we wanted to be fed at all hours of the night. Not best for our parents, but we cried when that want wasn’t met. Good parents shape that behavior out of us by saying no to our wants so that we

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Defending the Work/Reward Ratio

Dan Pierce/ February 2, 2018/ Bad Teammates, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

I have learned that there are people who spend their day trying to minimize their workload. They do everything they can to get the most benefit for least amount of effort and the prospect of more of anything severely threatens that. If it means any more work, then they are against it. They may even shame the

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Dead Weight

Dan Pierce/ November 8, 2017/ Bad Teammates, Handling Disagreements/ 0 comments

Individuals that express concerns have a responsibility to move forward regardless of consensus. Great teams do not agree all of the time. They do support each other despite their disagreements. Bad teammates only feel heard when they express their dissent and change the minds of the rest of the team. That’s right, I said bad teammates. A

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