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Intellectual versus Practical

Dan Pierce/ May 19, 2018/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

Effectiveness can be measured in the ability to take ideas from the intellectual and theoretical realm to the practical reality that we are held accountable for. Every plan looks good on paper and every sentiment seems right until the rubber meets the road. The plan must be functional. Sentiments cannot limit the ability to move forward. If they

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Hiding Behind the Need for Freedom

Dan Pierce/ April 11, 2018/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

People say they crave clear direction but when the rubber meets the road, I find that many people resent solid definitions and decision making. This is because they can create clear pass or fail stakes that make some people uncomfortable. The cry for freedom can be a cover for the cry for anonymous mediocrity that avoids any

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The Struggle

Dan Pierce/ April 10, 2018/ Accoutability and Feedback, Discipline/ 0 comments

Those in need of the most creative control struggle with vision. They don’t want to commit to a way forward, especially if the way forward isn’t what they are familiar with. They struggle with a vision because it requires a commitment and demands accountability. This can be scary for those that have never been held to a

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Can we hold ourselves accountable?

Dan Pierce/ February 22, 2018/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

Ideally people would want to be trusted to do their job their way. This works out when people are committed to the same level of quality and share the same expectations as the rest of the team. Unfortunately, when we are left to evaluate ourselves, we don’t always see the opportunities to improve. We need another perspective

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Knowing Better

Dan Pierce/ December 16, 2017/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

When I think that I know better, it is difficult to be on a team. I cannot be held accountable because I know better than those that have the authority to correct me. It’s difficult to work with me because I know better and am not interested in your ideas. I don’t trust you enough to be

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Expected Accountability

Dan Pierce/ December 15, 2017/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

When I take my job seriously, I should expect to be held accountable. I need to know if I am on the right track or could do a better job. I am not offended by correction because I understand that a lot is at stake. The result of my work is more important than my ego. Who

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Dan Pierce/ December 14, 2017/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

Its difficult to be subject to accountability when I am not confident that those holding me accountable really understand what I am up against. That difficulty is a natural defense against what can feel like unfounded accusations from someone not informed enough to make that judgement. Unfortunately, that defense is not valid because if I truly was

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