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Knowing Better

Dan Pierce/ December 16, 2017/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

When I think that I know better, it is difficult to be on a team. I cannot be held accountable because I know better than those that have the authority to correct me. It’s difficult to work with me because I know better and am not interested in your ideas. I don’t trust you enough to be

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Expected Accountability

Dan Pierce/ December 15, 2017/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

When I take my job seriously, I should expect to be held accountable. I need to know if I am on the right track or could do a better job. I am not offended by correction because I understand that a lot is at stake. The result of my work is more important than my ego. Who

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Dan Pierce/ December 14, 2017/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

Its difficult to be subject to accountability when I am not confident that those holding me accountable really understand what I am up against. That difficulty is a natural defense against what can feel like unfounded accusations from someone not informed enough to make that judgement. Unfortunately, that defense is not valid because if I truly was

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