Tool or weapon?

If you are being managed by a micromanager, effective communication will highlight the micromanagement tendencies. Most micromanagers don’t know they micromanage. They are proud of their attention to detail and do not trust that others have the same concerns and attention they have. Effective communication is an amoral tool and in the hands of a trusting and emotionally secure leader it can pull a team together. Unfortunately, in the hands of a micromanager it will exacerbate their distrust of others and the system will become oppressive. This is why communication is often suppressed. Micromanagement is exposed the more people talk. This doesn’t make effective communication a bad tool anymore than a ordinary hammer has the potential to become a murder weapon. The good news is that if you find yourself under the oppressive micromanagement of a distrustful person, communication will make it clear enough that you can leave the team with a clear conscience.

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