Seeing the Future

Good leaders solve problems. Great leaders avoid them whenever possible. As we experience the ups and downs of life, we are able to gain some understanding of the various cycles time takes us through. Time is less linear than we like to think. It’s more cyclical. I guess it’s easier to blame our lack of foresight on the randomness of a linear timeline that throws challenges at us like a teleprompter. In reality, our life is a cycle and the good news is we can begin to anticipate many events (and their potential problems) before they happen. This is important because the old saying is true; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The bad news is that since many of our problems are found in a predictable pattern, we then should be held responsible for anticipating them. For example, we talk about how funny it is that people wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping. I mean, if Christian holidays were based on a lunar calendar, I could see how a person might get blindsided…but that’s not the case. It’s always the same day every year. That means we can save up or order something on Amazon months before for a much better price. Last minute choices are always stressful and usually more expensive. The good news is they are often preventable.

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