Resting on the Run

Great teammates know how to rest on the run. Resting on the run means that you identify opportune moments to restore some energy or mental attention in the midst of a project or activity. Some people power through projects and activities and plan to rest when they cross the finish line. This is a good mindset for projects that have a pace of a sprint, but marathons require a strategy that paces effort and mental attention. This requires insight into a two areas. In order to plan rest accordingly, we must understand both our own limits and the scope of the project. By understanding those two elements, we can then break up the project into sections that account for our limitations. To use an exercise example, a person who knows he has to run 15 miles but understands that he is limited to a personal range of 5 miles without a break will need to strategically plan two breaks before he reaches the finish line. Great teammates apply this principle to large projects. Ordinary ones refuse to acknowledge their limits and are forced to quit at less strategic times in a project. Stopping in the middle of a project to rest is not bad if it is planned for.

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