Everyday Drills

I named the portion of my website that houses this blog “Everyday Drills” because it’s meant to be a short daily exercise in thinking about what it means to be a great teammate. When I coached football, I had drills that my players did everyday, no matter what. They even did them before games. They were drills intended to help them develop and sharpen essential skills to automaticity. This battles the idea that once you’ve got it, you keep it. That is a lie we tell ourselves after we have mastered a skill. The truth is that we use it or lose it. Atrophy is real and everyday drills may be boring but that boring is better than losing hard-fought progress. At least it’s better for a great teammate. Ordinary teammates assume they retain everything they have ever accomplished and develop over-confidence in their abilities until they get found out in a crucial moment that exposes just how rusty their once-mastered skill is. Believe me when I say that boring is better than that.

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