Pack a Little Extra

We like progress so much that we think something is wrong when progress slows or disappears. Sometimes something is wrong with our execution but most often I believe that progress slows due to an unreasonable timeline to achieve a goal. When something takes longer than expected we tire of it quicker. It’s almost as if we only packed enough attention span for our imagined timeline and when it runs out, we are unable to conjure up any more. Let’s assume this is true. What if we can only sustain momentum for a finite period of time? We should then expect a plateau to occur on our journey to a goal. We should be ready to make better choices knowing that the time will come when we won’t want to. Expecting to include an expected time of boredom or disinterest in the path may help us create reasonable expectations for the timeline of completion. It may even preempt the lapse in discipline if you mentally pack a little extra for the moment when you “don’t feel like it” anymore.

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