The Reality of Appetite

We like to think all our bad habits are roll-of-the-dice aspects built into our personalities, but really our behaviors are fed by antecedent choices that develop and feed our appetite. For example, being a morning person is not necessarily as genetic as some like to imply. It’s a choice. Most morning people developed an appetite for waking up early because they had to. They got the choice to defiantly declare that they are the type of person who needs to sleep in. Maybe they had to work out early. Maybe they had to begin their commute at a hour that beats the traffic. Regardless of the reason, they made a choice and that choice cultivated an early morning experience that they enjoyed. They may not enjoy the early rise out of bed, but they did enjoy getting their workout done while their opponent was still sleeping or making it to work on time or before everyone else so they could be more productive. The same is true for those who sleep in. They cultivated an appetite for staying up past everyone else to get some alone time which led to sleeping past what others deem as socially acceptable. Perhaps they felt more productive in the evening after the day’s demands turn in for the night. Either way, the late start came as a consequence to choices made over time. The great news in all of this is we are far more adaptable than we like to beleive. We can change our appetites by changing choices, even if they are driven by circumstance.

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