For the Long Haul

Every team that does anything that matters has had to play the long game. Teams that prepare for the future and work diligently in the present towards a better tomorrow require teammates who can delay gratification long enough to see a lengthy plan through to the end. Not everyone fits this category. People who simply wait for adverse conditions to pass will quit in the middle demanding that it is the end. They have little interest in finding a way to get to tomorrow. They don’t adapt to adverse conditions but rather wait it out as long as they can. They want the beginning of the middle to be the beginning of the end. These are the people who were never on board with the long-term plan in the first place or only went along with it because they didn’t believe the team would stick with the absurd idea of playing the long game. This reasoning assumes that everyone is as impatient as they are. Of course, there are also people who can outlast the adversity through patience and adaptable attitudes. While others are protesting for their right to an immediate reward, they keep on grinding out the game plan. We call those people successful.

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