The Ruts of Mental Toughness

We all have mentally tough and mentally weak moments. Mentally tough people simply listen more to their disciplined internal voice than the excuse-making one. This is rare because every turn and every decision, no matter how big or small, requires the ability to ignore the excuse to take the easier path. Our minds will follow the ruts in the road that we create and ruts are developed through use. “When things get this hard, I’ll let myself off the hook…”. If we get used to taking the out at a certain threshold of difficulty, we will likely default to an excuse whenever things get that difficult. “That difficult” is different for everyone but it comes with what we practice. The more often we choose to do something because it’s the correct choice, grown up choice, or productive choice, we become more likely to ignore the excuse that tells us how unreasonable it is to make those same choices in the future.

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