Counting the Cost

Conflicts always have a cost, though these are not always costs that can be counted. Conflicts change a team’s dynamic and, therefore, the cost is the status quo. Some conflicts get resolved and reputations are strengthened. Other conflicts can cost a team trust or a teammate altogether. Regardless of the outcome, the hurt that lingers following a conflict is a cost that rarely gets counted. I think we are always surprised about the emotional toll a conflict can take on a team. Reputations suffer and doubts creep in. Trust is lost and opinions are changed. All of these make conflicts extremely expensive and I am sure if we considered them prior to a conflict, we might understand why some choose a more passive-aggressive path. However, conflict is just like anything else we pay for because although it is the more expensive option, it produces a much higher quality result than the passive-aggressive and “cheaper” cost. You always get what you pay for.

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