Putting Down The Baggage

Emotional fitness is an important aspect to consider when we join a team. We all have past experiences that leave a mark on us. Put another way, we all carry baggage that we picked up from our past that we tend to carry with us. When we refuse to deal with emotional responses to past experiences we fail to put down the bag and instead carry that container of aversive feelings and behaviors into our next stop. While it would not be advisable to literally leave a bag behind at any airport, we should drop our emotional baggage at the figurative connections between teams. Emotional baggage can only be put down if the experiences can be resolved through a mindful process that resolves or accepts the impact and result of the experiences of the past. This allows us to fully experience our present without being weighed down by the past. Our current team experience is not necessarily comparable to our past experiences. The only certain connection is ourself so if there are similar issues, we should be able to quickly identify the source.

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