Communication communicates something.

When we are on a team, we all communicate something…even when we fail to communicate. We only ever do what we care about and when we fail to communicate, we actually communicate a number of things. For one, we reveal a lack of value for communication. This in turn communicates a lack in value for collaboration. When we put signals out to the team that we do not value collaboration, we also communicate that we believe no one else is necessary except myself. Failing to communicate isolates teammates faster than anything else. Isolation is the anti-team approach to any endeavor. We often undervalue the communication people expect from us and overvalue the communication we expect from others. Think about how you fell when someone shares that they feel out of the loop? Now compare the intensity of your personal emotions when everyone in the room is clearly in the loop and you are not. Please understand that dichotomy is true for everyone. We communicate care when we communicate. The exact opposite is also true. 

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