The Non-Fan

Every sports team has fans but not everyone acknowledges the flip side to that coin…every team has haters. There is some kind of natural and innate aversion to acknowledging that there are people who don’t like certain things. We are not surprised by that fact but I do think we don’t like to talk about it. I believe that this fact causes us to misunderstand the non-fan or hater. Just like loving tacos doesn’t mean we want to cherish them forever, hate isn’t always about intent to destroy. Being a hater could simply mean that when given the choice, you would choose something else. See…that’s nicer, isn’t it? Just like loving to eat tacos makes it less creepy to those who are new to the English language. When we choose to hate or despise something, sometimes we are simply identifying that we don’t identify with that object in such a strong way that it causes a strong aversion. That aversion can eventually cause an enmity towards it. That enmity is difficult to overcome.

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