What to do…

What should a team do when they are dealing with someone who hesitates and allows unhealthy fear to enter into the decision-making process? The first step is to acknowledge the fearful statements as actually fearful. This step is important because people often mistake their fear for wisdom and it is important to not allow others to see a harmful hesitation as a wise debate. Step two should include a conversation with the fearful teammate away from the rest of the team to explore the cause of the fear and help them see a path forward without it. Step three gives the person a chance to move forward with the understanding that the team is moving forward regardless of the risks. Step four is only necessary if the fearful person is not able to change their perspective. At this stage, a person must be separated from either the decision-making process or in extreme cases, the team entirely. Fear is a contagion for insecurity and saps the team of vital confidence as it spreads.

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