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Role Players

Every team will have various functions that require special or unique skills. In football, that could include a kicker or a person who can long snap in critical situations. They are not on the field for every play but they tend to be there when it counts most and not just anyone can do what they can

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Clean Jerseys

There are team members who are just excited to be wearing the uniform. They are not very productive but they will cheer for the team while keeping their jerseys squeaky clean. After all, obtaining that jersey was likely the only reason they joined the team. They are not interested in making the big play. They want to

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Levels of Participation

Every team has different levels of participation from various types of teammates. 1) Clean Jerseys 2) Role Players 3) Two-way Players 4) Key Players It’s important to identify where each player’s level of participation is so that they can be treated appropriately. Team leaders need to know who wants to be on the field at the crucial

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Which Why?

Most people have heard that it’s important to communicate the “why” behind an endeavor to help create buy-in. While this is true, it is even more important to know which why to communicate. There are sometimes two “why’s” that motivate us. The first is “because it’s effective” and the second is “because I’ll feel better if we

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Full Disclosure

Great teams should do their best to get to know candidates in the recruiting process. This allows them to choose candidates who have an upside that make their liabilities worth the risk. This makes it possible to move forward without as much fear of being “found out”. Initial honesty not only builds trust but also helps create

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Personal Liability

Weakness is something we all have to understand. Our insecurities can limit that understanding if we choose to indulge in the temptation to ignore the ramifications of our weaknesses. Being self-aware and secure enough to know the darkest parts of our own personalities and limits allows us to mitigate the liability of those unpleasant realities. Humility is

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Surprised I’m Surprised

Even the greatest planners are surprised by novel situations. In some ways, the very act of preparing for the possibility of being surprised mitigates the actual surprise when it comes. This allows a team to be in a better position to think on their feet and make sound adjustments without a panic. Overconfidence leads to an inflexible

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Use your imagination.

Thinking through how the team will respond to various possible scenarios allows a team to better prepare for unknowns and situations that are outside the team’s control. There is a nuanced difference between winging it and responding based on the imagination of the planners. A robust imagination can help game-plans better prepare for the unknown. 

Flexibly Informed

The best gameplans are not scripts. They may include a portion of a script that is designed to direct action and experimentation in order to gather information. That information is then planned to inform adjustments that are anticipated from the beginning of the team’s planning. Planning to adjust based on data that is later gathered allows teams

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Why Some Game-Plans Work

Every team is excited about their game-plan on the day they think it up. Some teams are excited when the game-plan works and they get to hold up a trophy or the equivalent to it. Other teams never really get to see their game-plan pan out. There are lots of reasons why a game-plan fails but there

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