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The Sentimental Barrier

Dan Pierce/ January 20, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

What if I have to do something that I never wanted to in order to achieve what I have never been able to before? Have I created an amoral line I would never cross that is actually a barrier to my goals? To be clear, “amoral” is something that is not right or wrong. No one should

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Knowing How

Dan Pierce/ January 19, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Once you know where to aim, you must figure out how to hit the target. Just saying something doesn’t make it so. If the target or goal is something that you have never achieved before, you must be humble enough to go learn from someone who has. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t fall into the trap of

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Blind Firing

Dan Pierce/ January 18, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

It’s difficult to identify today’s small victory as progress towards a future win when you don’t know what that future should be. Most people don’t know what they are going to have for lunch by 11am, so it’s safe to say that many people don’t have a long-term plan. Nothing is the only thing you hit every

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Dan Pierce/ January 17, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

Playing the long game requires some foresight. Foresight sees today’s win as a step on the path forward. Every day and every action means something when you look ahead instead of fighting for today. Progress most often comes in incremental pieces. Big wins are usually a culmination of someone’s tiny bits of progress over a long period

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Long Game

Dan Pierce/ January 16, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

Today tends to dominate the priority list. Great teams understand that every decision shouldn’t be based on short-term outcomes. Band-Aid solutions and delaying the inevitable always catch up with us no matter how hard we try to outrun them. If you play the long game when everyone else isn’t, you will outlast your opponent. This is an

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Something Worth Quitting Over

Dan Pierce/ January 15, 2018/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Is the vision of my team worth someone dropping everything they are currently doing to join the cause? Recruiters must understand that every opportunity has a cost. When people choose to join us, they must quit something else. No team should ever feel entitled to someone’s allegiance. It’s a them-or-us situation. What is my team offering that

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Casting Vision

Dan Pierce/ January 14, 2018/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

When a team is first created, it needs something that would cause the right people to join the team. If you simply ask people for help, then you get people who are helpful but have nothing better to do. If you try to require people to join out of a sense of duty, you have a morale

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Never Better Alone

Dan Pierce/ January 13, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Great teammates never utter the excuse, “I knew that I could do it better myself.” That is the mantra of the lone wolf. Great teams know that they are always better over the long term when they include each other. This belief separates the great teams that rely on true teamwork and the ordinary teams that talk

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Paycheck to Paycheck

Dan Pierce/ January 12, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

It’s always shortsighted to work alone. It’s tantamount to living paycheck to paycheck. You might get by today, but with no investment in the future, you are one unexpected tragedy from being shorthanded. Great teammates always work to replace themselves. If nothing bad happens, they can take a day off without being missed. If something bad does

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Alone versus Together

Dan Pierce/ January 11, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Great teams are inclusive. They make sure that the amount of time working together is always more than the amount of time working alone. Even one-man tasks are better if a teammate uses it to train their back-up or replacement. Great teams know, believe, and behave in a way that demonstrates that they are better together.