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Good Start

Dan Pierce/ December 21, 2017/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Have you ever noticed that a good start feels much better than playing catch up all day? It feels good to get up on time, early even, and start the day by knocking out your morning routine so that by lunchtime, you have done more than you anticipated. There are days that have things happen outside of

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Pressure for Perfection?

Dan Pierce/ December 20, 2017/ Competition, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

What happened to the days when teams were not expected to have a perfect season? Perfect seasons are rare and yet perfection seems to be in the expectations more than in the past. Great teams have bad days. Everyone has moments that do not reflect their overall state of being. With the exception of one team, every

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Confident Prep

Dan Pierce/ December 19, 2017/ Discipline/ 0 comments

People that prepare well with a great amount of discipline have a confidence that they can depend on. This might seem like arrogance to those that are not privy to the hard work and effort that went on behind the scenes prior to game day. It’s arrogant to assume my opponent’s confidence doesn’t come from outworking me.

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Lazy Arrogance

Dan Pierce/ December 18, 2017/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Lazy preparation usually stems from a sense of overconfidence about my ability to handle a situation. How much arrogance does it take to run a marathon without training and expect to do well? How much arrogance does it take to think that not studying for a final exam in a course that I found difficult is going

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Intent versus Impact

Dan Pierce/ December 17, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Team dynamics can be fragile if the team does not have a good grasp of reality. An example of this is the sentiment that the original intent of an action or comment trumps the impact that action or comment made on another teammate. Intention matters little when the other party didn’t experience it. Great teammates understand that

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Knowing Better

Dan Pierce/ December 16, 2017/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

When I think that I know better, it is difficult to be on a team. I cannot be held accountable because I know better than those that have the authority to correct me. It’s difficult to work with me because I know better and am not interested in your ideas. I don’t trust you enough to be

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Expected Accountability

Dan Pierce/ December 15, 2017/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

When I take my job seriously, I should expect to be held accountable. I need to know if I am on the right track or could do a better job. I am not offended by correction because I understand that a lot is at stake. The result of my work is more important than my ego. Who

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Dan Pierce/ December 14, 2017/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

Its difficult to be subject to accountability when I am not confident that those holding me accountable really understand what I am up against. That difficulty is a natural defense against what can feel like unfounded accusations from someone not informed enough to make that judgement. Unfortunately, that defense is not valid because if I truly was

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The Limit of Unbelief

Dan Pierce/ December 13, 2017/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

A leader can only lead a team as far as they can believe. Belief motivates because it gives the hope of something to strive for. Without belief, everything loses its purpose and meaning. When that happens, teams begin to focus on maintaining the glory of the past. Talk begins to focus on the good old days instead

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Optimism is part of belief.

Dan Pierce/ December 12, 2017/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

If pessimists are realists, then optimists are hoping to change that reality. I don’t buy into the idea that pessimism is the real way to see the world. That is only true if you don’t believe the world can change. Pessimists never really lead anyone to a different reality because they are not by nature optimistic enough

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