The Applause Test

I have been around competition my entire life. I believe that it is easy to spot a wanna-be and a real competitor. Real competitors appreciate great performances. They don’t care whose it is. They don’t care if it is their own or someone else’s. They don’t care that they are a male getting outshone by a female. They don’t care how old or young the competitor is. They value the performance. Emotional security allows us to spot a solid performance and applaud it regardless of our personal success. Remember when we were kids and we had to meet our opponent at the middle of the field and slap hands saying “good game” to everyone? I am willing to bet the successful grown ups were able to mean it while the others spent most of their day blaming others and accusing their victorious opponent of cheating. So which are you? Do you hesitate to say “good game” or do you quickly defend why you lost?

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