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The Willing Volunteer

Dan Pierce/ November 30, 2017/ Teambuilding, Winning/ 0 comments

The willing volunteer actually enjoys what is being asked of them. They are teammates that accept a task that isn’t necessarily in their job description because they want to. They are not just happy to help, they are also happy to do what no one else seemed to want to step up to do. It might seem

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Disqualifying Passion

Dan Pierce/ November 29, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

If I care enough about something, does that qualify me as an expert on the topic? Strong feelings can draw my attention to a topic but those strong feelings may actually limit my ability to see the facts around that topic clearly. If I cannot put some distance between my passion and my work, I may actually

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Qualifying Passion

Dan Pierce/ November 28, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

My passion for my job is an important motivator. Since I only do what I care about, I am more likely to want to do something in my area of passion. It drives me to read more about the topic. It puts me in situations that give me experience in my area of passion. When my job

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Is it a passion?

Dan Pierce/ November 27, 2017/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Passion is a fun word. We use it to describe things we care about. However, I don’t think it is always used correctly. Passion means suffering. We care about the things we are willing to suffer for. Occasionally, I find myself listening to someone describe how passionate they are about something and then I wonder how they

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Just Over the Horizon

Dan Pierce/ November 26, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Leaders have the responsibility to cast a vision so that the team knows what they are aiming for. There is a lot of emphasis on leaders being great vision casters. I don’t think enough is emphasized on the responsibility each teammate has to maintain a high level of effort and enthusiasm over time without a clear end

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The Lazy Test

Dan Pierce/ November 25, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

I have to ask myself if I have reduced my job to make everything easier so that I can coast. People that do that are not great teammates. They hold their team back because they work hard to not have to work hard. My job as a great teammate is to master my skill set so that

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The Easy Filter

Dan Pierce/ November 24, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

I want to be the type of teammate that is sold out to find a way to accomplish anything the team aims for. I have to fight against my natural inclination to filter everything in my life against difficulty. I think that it’s human nature to want everything to be as easy as possible. Not everything needs

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Dan Pierce/ November 23, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Once a team makes a decision to move in a certain direction, it is vital that the entire team works to make that decision a reality. If my buy-in is contingent on agreement with the plan, I am going to be working against my team. That makes me worse than a bad teammate. It makes me an

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Prove It Right

Dan Pierce/ November 22, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Here is a pro-tip for the moment when you are less than enthusiastic about an idea. Prove it right. Get scientific about it. Make the idea into a hypothesis that you attempt to prove correct. Resist the urge to prove it wrong because we are all susceptible to confirmation bias and we will not thoroughly exhaust every

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Commitment Beyond Enthusiasm

Dan Pierce/ November 21, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Great teammates must generate commitment that stretches far beyond enthusiasm. New is exciting and can trick us into thinking that what I just committed to will be just as fun forever. The new will wear off. When it does I am tested as a quality teammate. If I stay committed when the exciting task becomes mundane, I

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