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Handling a Loss

I learned early on that nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Losses do not feel good. Failure shines a disappointing light on our ability to do what we set out to do. When I am emotionally secure, I can look at a failure and truly evaluate what went wrong. When I am insecure, I have

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Emotional Security

Emotional security may be one of the critical factors determining the success of a team. Seeing the circumstances and ramifications of choices in an emotionally secure way can allow a team to properly self-assess and adjust for future endeavors. Teams with less emotional security are too distracted by their emotional responses to disappointment and success to properly evaluate

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Wanting or Choosing

There are two types of people in the world. Those that “want” and those that “choose”. Many people want success but never make the choices that are necessary to make that success a reality. Wanting something bad enough to envy those that already have what I want but not enough to actually make the same choice is a

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The Proximity Effect

I find it interesting that the proximity of a disciplined person has an affect on others. The person doesn’t have to say anything to have an affect on the people around them. People act differently around religious people. When a physically fit person walks into a room of less fit people, there are looks of admiration and

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I would like to thank everyone who has chosen to follow this blog for the past few years. I benefit greatly from being able to articulate the different dynamics of being a team. I am pleased to announce that the blog has moved to the URL: beginning today. This is the result of a team effort

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When we choose discipline, we must know that we are choosing to be different. Embrace the silent judgement. Smile at the not so silent judgement. That judgement is simply the sound of your example being noted. Congratulations.

There’s no pressure like peer pressure.

Shaming the disciplined is an easy way to maintain a sense of normalcy when our standards get challenged by the better choices of others. When I sense that someone’s choice is a statement against my current practice, I have a choice to consider why I choose what I choose or justify my own choices. I can go

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Embarrassed by Discipline

Discipline requires a lifestyle that is not entirely normal. It requires inconvenient choices that are perfectly fine in private, but something interesting occurs when those choices get found out by others. If I am disciplined to abstain from certain content in movies, certain foods, and certain words, that may mean that my friends have to see a

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The Reason for Ridiculous Rules

I once saw a “No Diving” sign on top of a cruise ship. I thought that the rule on the sign seemed ridiculous because most people would not attempt a dive at such a dangerous height. Then I realized that most people doesn’t include ALL people and someone likely severely injured themselves by diving from that very

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Rules are important but our perspective on rules is even more important. If I see a rule as an obstacle, I am more likely to feel inconvenienced by it. I may be more apt to complain about and eventually break the inconvenient rule. However, if I see a rule as a boundary instead of an obstacle, I

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