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My Capacity

When I measure fairness, I must understand my current capacity and limits. Am I being asked to stretch and grow or am I being asked to do something I am incapable of succeeding at? This is actually very difficult to discern when entering into a novel situation. When we begin to question the fairness of situation, we

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Is it fair?

Different people are often in different places. Fair is a matter of perspective. Unless the question is pervasive throughout the team, then it’s likely the question isn’t so much an inquiry of reality but rather a statement of the current story people are choosing to tell themselves.    

Emotionally Inefficient

Always falling behind can be exciting but it is emotionally inefficient. The amount of effort it takes to come from behind is hard to conjure multiple times. Settling for a slow start and a good finish may be exciting, but it is also taxing. That lifestyle will eventually catch up with the individual or team and the

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Conditioned for a Comeback

Have you ever pulled for a team that always finds themselves in the position of needing to make a comeback? It’s almost as if they are more comfortable when the odds are stacked against them. This may be true if belief in a comeback is based on multiple instances when it worked out in favor of a

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Making the Comeback

When a team falls behind in a game, everything seems like it takes twice as much effort to get half of the result. People with strong wills can muster the ability to overcome the odds and win despite falling behind. Some people can’t see a way to win once the odds are stacked against them. Belief in

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Hesitation Risks Injury

Confidence keeps you healthy because it keeps you moving. Anytime we hesitate, we likely miss an opportunity. When we miss an opportunity, we miss an experience that could have matured us or changed us in some way. Insecurity makes hesitation the default and therefore poisons our development.

Art AND Science

Leadership isn’t as simple as some would like to make it. It’s almost as if there is an art AND a science to it. There are facts that are true about leadership. Anyone can learn those facts from reading any one of the thousands of books written on the subject. That’s the science of it. However, it

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Respect for Authority

There are many attributes of a great teammate but I think respect for authority may be one of the most important. I have been on some great teams and they all had something in common. They all had a strong leadership culture that understood that a high respect for authority was a non-negotiable for a teammate. This

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The Cost of Fear

Mistakes that go unreported out of fear are a waste for two reasons. First, the team never gets to truly resolve the problem as mistakes are never owned and discussed in a way that finds a solution. The team is therefore tasked with searching for a cause and also working around what seems to be a hole

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Response to Mistakes

The way a leader responds to a mistake will set the tone for their team’s response to mistakes. If the leader sees a mistake as an opportunity for the team to learn, then the team will have a culture of development and innovation. If a leader sees a mistake as something to be avoided at all costs,

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