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Resisting the Know-It-All

People tend to resent other people telling them how to do their jobs. A team dynamic requires trust between teammates and nothing robs trust like being told how to do something. Most people understand that leaders must empower others by not micromanaging them. What doesn’t always get talked about is when a peer micromanages you. Constant disapproving

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Resisting Fearful Criticism

It’s important for a team to discuss decisions before moving forward. Gaining input from different perspectives is a huge benefit of working on a team rather than acting alone. Not all input is created equal. Concerns and questions are good. Critical statements based on fear must be resisted at all costs. If a team becomes accustomed to

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Echo Chamber

Great teams get better because great teammates make other teammates better. Ordinary teammates on a project together  will get better at being ordinary. Their discussions will revolve around ordinary things. Great teams discuss what it takes to be great without the ordinary fears and ordinary effort. The bright side is that a group of ordinary people will

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Look Good or Be Good

Confidence doesn’t require a show. The emotionally secure person can show up and respond to the day. Those that lack emotional security spend their day trying to appear as if they have the security they know they need. They need a show of confidence to convince themselves and others that they belong.


It’s important to know why people do certain things. We can’t get inside anyone’s head but patterns of behavior can help explain what and why someone is behaving a certain way. Some people walk with a quiet confidence and others must let everyone know how important they are. Which one would you want to be on a

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Chosen Personality

How much of who we are is nature and how much is nurtured? Were we born some way that makes us who we are? Yes. Our genetics, family dynamic, and social status all have an impact on who we are but…they don’t decide it. Each of us wakes up everyday with the ability to change. Our past

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Why do people resist good leadership?

Leaders that demand a high challenge often offend those who set their personal bar pretty low for a variety of excuses. When those excuses are not accepted by the culture that the leader sets, they are then replaced by complaints. We have all seen this happen. I believe that people complain about challenging leaders because they are

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They will know…

It’s wrong of us to badmouth a leader. We should also understand that they always find out. The complaints are sometimes entertained by people who feel personally challenged and are wondering if the challenge is reasonable. Those that are not looking for a challenge will often throw in with the complainers. Misery loves company. When we try

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How much is too much?

What level of discipline should I demand? As the leader of a team, the answer is pretty simple. A leader should never demand more discipline than they are personally able to maintain. This truth works itself out pretty well in application. Leaders that demand more than they model don’t gain any respect and therefore create an ineffective

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The Reflection of a Disciplined Leader

John Maxwell said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” I agree with this statement. This is especially true in the area of discipline. The discipline of a leader determines the success of a team. If a leader justifies a lack of discipline through sentiment or a lack of personal discipline, then the team will not have the

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