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Complainers vs Problem Solvers

There are two types of people in the world: complainers and problem solvers. Surprisingly the two have something in common. They can both identify a problem. The distinction comes immediately after the problem is spotted. Complainers see the problem as an opportunity to communicate their discontent. Problem solvers see the problem as an opportunity to find a

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Reality and Regret

Great teammates do not waste time on thoughts of “should’ve” or “could’ve”. They simply move on and move forward. To regret something is to wish for a different reality than what a team currently has. Change in reality is never possible when looking back. If a team wants to change its reality, it has to look to future

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Selling Out for Effectiveness

Ordinary teams have a favorite method. Effective teams sellout to effectiveness.  The favorite of effectiveness changes with context and updated beliefs. Effectiveness is never limited to a preference or favorite way. Effectiveness requires the ability to heartlessly abandon a past favorite for a new better way.

Favorite Limitations

I become more effective when I realize that while my favorite way may have been the best way, the best way can change. Favorite really has more to do with the attempt to recreate a pleasurable moment or memory. I liked “blank” in the past and I want to recreate that by choosing similarly today. The problem with that

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Favorite Fickleness

It turns out that my favorite things when I was a kid are not my favorite now because of new discoveries. There are a lot more flavors available than vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. There was a time when it felt like one of those had to be the favorite choice. Today my favorites tend to change. The

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Life Outside the Circle

I became a grown up when I discovered that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. There was a world outside the two foot circle that surrounded me. Things happen that I am not involved in. Things I have never thought of. The things that I used to aspire to seem small when I consider the possibility

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Compromise will find a way.

Discipline can be tricky. Delayed gratification isn’t fun but the results are awesome. We just have to be careful to stay the course and not give in to the compromises we are ready to make at any second for any reason. Cookies shouldn’t be a reward for extra cardio anymore than extra savings shouldn’t be rewarded with

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Compromise Justified by Success

I have noticed that whenever I experience some momentum in an area of discipline, I tend to see other areas of discipline fade as I justify a compensation in my new found strength. I wonder if others are guilty of this as well. For example, I may cheat a bit on a diet after I put in

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Do I belong here?

Great teammates are committed past the mere completion of tasks. Everyone knows when someone is working hard or punching a clock. When someone is punching a clock, they have lost sight of the purpose and passion that the team should share. If I find myself going through the motions, I have to ask myself why I am

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Competition or Collaboration

Something very telling happens in a team dynamic when a great idea is spoken. Great teams leverage the idea into an exercise of collaboration. They recognize the merit of the idea and give the author credit. They then begin to work together to make it happen. Ordinary teams will turn a great idea into a competition of

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