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Dan Pierce/ February 28, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Teammates that are emotionally secure are not jealous of how a win makes another teammate look. They are free to cheer a teammate on without feeling like they are seen as less than. There is nothing more encouraging than to be honored by a teammate. On the flip side, there are few things that can cause a

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The Safety of Emotional Security

Dan Pierce/ February 27, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Emotionally secure teammates trust and depend on other teammates. This creates an environment that is safe to operate in. When a team trusts each other to respond well to success and failure, they are free to succeed and fail without thought of the ramifications the wins and losses have on the ego of their teammates. Emotionally secure

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Insecurity is not invisible.

Dan Pierce/ February 26, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Other teammates can sense the insecurity in another. Teammates that fight for approval and credit will not go unnoticed. In those moments, the grab for influence sounds like a dissonant note in the concert of the team discussion. The irony is that insecure teammates are fighting hard for a good reputation, but in the end they lose

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X Factor: Emotional Security

Dan Pierce/ February 25, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

My emotional security is a large factor that influences my ability to contribute to the team. Insecure people limit everyone around them because insecurity taints the lens through which we see everything. It causes nearly every action to be done in light of how it will affect our reputation. Emotionally secure teammates are free to operate for

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Conditions Set vs Choices Made

Dan Pierce/ February 24, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Great teams do well regardless of circumstances. They do everything they can to make great decisions that put them in a situation to succeed. To some extent, decision making dictates our circumstances. A team’s choices not only affect how well they respond to what happens to them, but also how well they are able to position themselves

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Dan Pierce/ February 23, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Sharpening our individual skills is something every teammate should be expected to do. The advantage of a team is that people tend to sharpen each other. Natural competitive natures drive us to beat the guy next to us. Some of us want to be the best that we can be for the sake of the person next

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Too Relational

Dan Pierce/ February 22, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

People always matter but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be held accountable. It’s perfectly fine and a reasonable goal to like our teammates. We should develop a rapport and camaraderie with those we work closest with. It becomes a problem when we evaluate a person based on our relationship and not their ability to contribute in

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Too Objective

Dan Pierce/ February 21, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

When we are too objective, we lose sight of the reason the team exists. Goals are supposed to benefit the team, but each team is made of individuals. Nothing comes before people, but when we act with too much objectivity, we can make people expedient. Teams that do this will only win in the short term. This

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The Lethal Combination

Dan Pierce/ February 20, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Objectivity is great for decision-making, but it’s terrible for motivation. Great teams need both. The best situation any team can find themselves in is having the ability to focus their emotion like a laser at the objective. Rational thinking points us in a direction, but our emotions move us down the field. Robots don’t care enough and

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Perpetual Mediocrity

Dan Pierce/ February 19, 2017/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Wanting to jump back on to the field sounds noble but it’s actually quite foolish. It looks like a desire for excellence when actually it’s the practice of perpetual mediocrity. Mediocre teams can’t get out of their own way. They have a way of thinking that undermines their desire. They do what they feel is right without

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