Shades of Green

Every circumstance has its own set of challenges. Trading places with a more privileged person or team may result in a whole new set of unseen challenges. When we compare another person’s situation with our own, we tend to only see the benefits of being “over there”. We begin to tell ourselves that the reason they can achieve greener grass is because the grass is simply greener on their side of the easement. We fill in all the blanks of what we don’t know about the other property with shortcuts and advantages that we don’t have. If we were to switch places, we would realize that the shade of green is determined by the choices of the other person and the advantages that those choices provided. Greener grass tends to be more disciplined. Less green grass tends to make excuses. Our choices are the cause of the shade of green and most often the other guy is greener because he makes better choices than I do. Nah…he must be a lucky cheater.

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