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Every team should have certain non-negotiables. These are attributes that every teammate must possess to be on be team. The best place to start when putting the list together is to look at the team values. Everyone on the team must emulate those team values. Is someone really on a team if they don’t choose to belong

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Shoot for the stars…literally.

Once I identify complementary roles, I can now begin to create my dream team. These are the people that would be prefect for the roles available. These people may not be available, but at least they will help create a template for the type of person you would want. I may think of the perfect person, but

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Fill the Depth Chart

Once a great vision is crafted, the next step toward recruiting is to figure out what areas of personal limitations I have to recruit for. When I look at the team I want, I need to make sure I am secure enough to recruit people that are better at certain tasks than I am. Otherwise, my lack

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Two Necessary Beliefs

So how do we get skilled and gifted people to willingly join the team? The hard work starts by crafting a compelling vision and convicting cause. We have to believe in what the team is doing and that skilled people will want to join the team. Those two beliefs must be present if we are going to

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Lazy recruiting is not a victimless crime.

When we don’t put in the hard work that recruitment requires, people get hurt. When willingness is the bar set for people joining the team, people are not set up for success. A lack of skill can set the team up for unnecessary mistakes and eventually hard talks or unfortunate compromises will have to be made.

The False Attribute

Many people think that willingness is an important attribute when we are trying to recruit a teammate. It’s important that someone is willing to join the team, but if we settle only because they are willing, we will end up with a group of people that will likely join anything. They may not be skilled, respectful, or

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The Importance of Fit and Chemistry

When we begin the process of recruiting, we should already have a good idea of who we should look for. Attributes of a great teammate should be considered. Going after any candidate is easier, but it also lowers the probability of finding a good fit. Over time, the team will lose its identity if it randomly recruits

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Responsibility and Authority

When we give someone responsibility without giving them authority, we have done so in name only. If someone is expected to be responsible and ultimately answerable for a task or goal, they will need to be the decision maker in how to accomplish that task or goal. To rob a teammate of decision making authority by micromanaging

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Be information generous with authority.

Generous people give without making it more difficult than it needs to be. Less generous people have a million reasons why they are not as willing to give something away. In order to build a team, we need to be generous with authority and responsibility. This discipline can be learned but those with the talent for giving

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Understand Talent

I may not be great at everything, but I am necessary because I am good at something. Talent is important but too often misunderstood. Every teammate should operate in their talents and skill sets so that the entire team benefits from the efforts of each individual. Those skill sets and talents should be diverse so that an

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