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A Bit of Both

Dan Pierce/ August 22, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

I used to spend hours in the weight room trying to gain strength and size. More had to be better, right? As I gained experience, I learned that I got the best gains when I committed to time outside of the weight room as well. Everyone knows that too much rest is not good for our health.

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Debriefing Equals Learning

Dan Pierce/ August 21, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 1 comments

A simple time of reflection, called a debrief, can make the difference between a great team and an ordinary team. Great teams are very interested in how things went and why they went that way. Ordinary teams are just happy to be done and on to the next project. It’s the learning that happens in the debrief

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Preparing for the End of a Project

Dan Pierce/ August 20, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

The initial moment of a new project can be hindered if the ghost of the last project lingers. Proper planning not only allows a team to get off to a great start, but also allows it to bring a project to an efficient close. Great clean up helps a team move on to the next project. Too

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Prep work is underrated.

Dan Pierce/ August 19, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

It’s always a great feeling to get off to a good start. Great starts are rarely accidental. They require a good plan and solid prep work. Staging materials not only places our tools and resources in a convenient place, but also allows us to assess whether we have everything we need to start. Doing the prep work

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We get better away from our work.

Dan Pierce/ August 18, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

When we are busy accomplishing our task, we don’t always have the perspective needed to spot the need for improvement. This is because we are focused on accomplishing a task and not on the efficiency of the systems that we are using to accomplish it. After a task is complete, its good to take a look back

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Breaking the Survival Cycle

Dan Pierce/ August 17, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

A team always has a choice when it finds itself in survival mode. They can struggle to survive or they can learn. When survival is the goal, survival mode can become a trap. When we focus on operating only, we cannot innovate enough to change our situation. We simply settle for life as we know it. Surviving

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Surviving a New Challenge

Dan Pierce/ August 16, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

When teams come up against new challenges, they will find themselves in survival mode. Survival mode is the state in which a team struggles to just keep its head above water. There is nothing wrong with survival mode as long as it is seen as a temporary state. New challenges seem overwhelming because the skills required to

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Success: Next Step or Ceiling?

Dan Pierce/ August 15, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Teams can become a victim of their own success. Success often brings an abundance of new adventures for a team. What gets a team to a level of success will not keep them there. New levels of success will challenge the team in brand new ways. A great team stays humble and carefully wades into success so

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Complainers Tell on Themselves

Dan Pierce/ August 14, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

A complaint says a lot more about a complainer than anything it says about something or someone else. When I complain, I let people know that I am not owning a negative situation. When I have no part in improving a situation, then I am communicating that I am a gossip. When I am complaining about a

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Zero Tolerance for Complaining

Dan Pierce/ August 13, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 1 comments

Great teams do not tolerate complaining. Complaining is one of the most divisive and least productive activities we can engage in. When we complain, we are avoiding accountability. We have assigned blame and that conclusion is now being communicated to other people. Blame rarely takes a team where it needs to go. Wasted time figuring out where

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